The PIERRE group (ISO 9001 version 2015 & GDP certified) is a group of companies specialised in the TRANSPORT sector and LOGISTICS.


The Pierre Group is the result of a long family tradition in the sector of transport and logistics.
Today, the Pierre Group can boast a fleet of around 160 vehicles, including everything from vans to semi-trailers, and has a storage capacity of 30,000 m².
We travel the roads of Belgium and Europe for your removals and goods transport.


Alphonse Pierre’s father, who had trained as an engineer, never stopped looking for ways to improve the performance of the automotive engines of that time. He infected his son, Alphonse, with this “virus”. Alphonse left the country for England during the war (1914-1928) and became the head mechanic in a major English transport company.


Alphonse Pierre is consumed by homesickness and returns to Brussels, where he opens a garage with his brothers. Road transport, being almost non-existent at the time, is more appealing than mechanics, so Alphonse decides to transform his old Ford Model T car into a van.

1 JUNE 1924

Transports Alphonse Pierre is born.


Vehicles which are able to survive more than 80,000 km on narrow roads with poor quality paving are rare. It takes a pioneering soul to drive the vehicles of this era: with no heating, no assisted steering nor shock absorbers, at slow speeds, and with unreliable brakes on top of that!

The company is situated on the premises of an old forge at 62 rue de Namur in Wavre.

In 1935, to confront the challenge of the rapid growth of road transport, Alphonse Pierre constructs a garage which can house 6 vehicles and a repair workshop at number 145 of the same street.


The post-war years are marked by the emergence of English and American lorries and tractors of a larger tonnage, such as MACK, WHITE, FODEN, which are still powered by petrol but nevertheless stimulate road transport and signal the end of railway supremacy.


In 1956, Gilbert, the son of Alphonse, takes over the reins of the family company. With his spouse, they develop transport for paper production and processing factories.


Gilbert Pierre acquires the site of “Papeteries de Gastuche” and makes it the headquarters, at the same time as developing the property rental, storage and related activities here.


The public limited company Transports Pierre is created. Activities are transferred to the current site at the former “papeteries de Gastuche”, the location bought by Gilbert Pierre to support the expansion of his company. It is a part of this location, commonly known as “Parc Artisanal de Gastuche” which is currently home to the Pierre group.


The company extends its activities with the launch of its Logistics subsidiary (“Pierre Logistic sa/nv”) and starts to specialise in the world of pharmaceuticals.


Two of Gilbert’s sons, Olivier and Guy take up the reins, and are motivated by the aim of increasing staff, the number of shipments and the storage space.

BETWEEN 2003 AND 2007

Thanks to sustained demand, the Pierre brothers build a series of new storage halls to meet new strict and environmental standards.


Over 30 years, the site has progressively moved away from its former vocation and lost its craftsman character, and so the Pierre brothers rename the Parc Artisanal de Gastuche as PARC DE GASTUCHE.


The Pierre Group receives accreditation from the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products. At the end of the year, one subsidiary of the Pierre Group (“G&O Management”) will complete the ambitious project of constructing a new 4,500 m² self-storage hall (“GOBOX™”).


As the company is eager to help improve the environment, the Pierre Group starts replacement works for some of the old storage halls (“des anciennes Papeteries”). A new temperature-controlled complex, which is fully in line with sustainable development concepts, takes their place.


  • Opening of our new GOBOX service at the Parc de Gastuche (April)
  • Relocation to the Transports Pierre and Pierre Logistic offices in our new building (No. 48)


  • Construction of a 3,500 m2 commercial complex on our site


  • Full renovation of the 2,800 m² pharmaceutical storage.


  • Achievement of ISO 9001 certification, version 2015, for the Pierre Group
  • Achievement of GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certification for temperature-controlled road transport of pharmaceutical products
  • Installation of a solar panel (annual production of 7000 KWH)


  • Construction of a 2000 m2 controlled/managed temperature warehouse
  • Implementation of a carbon footprint reduction project in the storage halls
  • Installation of a second set of solar panels (annual production of 3000 KWH)